The most important data to Costco is dollars per building per week.

We focus on strategies that increase this metric - we have done this successfully with our vendor partners time and time again.

From Limited Regional to Recurring National Distribution in 5 years.

After starting small with 2 regional rotations CBC helped grow this grilled protein manufacturer from 2 small regional rotations to annually recurring national distribution in 5 years with relentless pursuit of item improvement and innovation and reinvesting back into the business.

10 New Items & 50x Growth in 2 years.

We helped a Plant-based foods company grow 5,000% at Costco in just two years.

5x Sales Growth in 3 years.

We helped a vertically integrated cheese & dairy manufacturer
develop great branded items for the Costco Wholesale deli and
grow their sales 5x in just a few years.

6 months to a National Distribution through a MVM program with Solid Growth Strategy.

We helped a healthy food snack vendor who previously had 2-3 rotations on SKU and were struggling without a growth strategy. Within 6 months of our partnership the manufacture gained national distribution through a MVM program.

10x growth and an Annual National Buy Program in just 2 years.

This CBC partnership helped guide a dried fruit snack vendor from small regional rotations to a national buy program and 10x growth in two years.